Tailored HR Packages To Suit You

We understand every businesses HR needs vary which is why we offer a number of different ways we can support you. Packages and pricing structures are available on a pay-as-you-go basis or as part of a contract for on-going assistance. We charge an hourly rate for general support and we tailor charges for bespoke services.

Pay As You Go

This is a standard hourly charge for 60 minutes of advice time, either by email or phone. The 60 minutes commences from the time contact is made and provides a credit of time which can be used for 1 month from the first date of contact or until the block of time credit is used up within that month.
Monthly Retainer

We also offer a rolling retainer rate charged as a monthly fee. This includes unlimited email and telephone advice. This will also include work on your policies/HR admin if needed and employment law updates.
Block Time

Some clients choose to purchase a block of hours for a specific time period (charged at an hourly rate). This option also allows for a discount on documentation and any employment law updates which take place during the contract of time.
Tailored Policies, Contracts and Handbooks

We offer a wide range of templates tailored to suit the business. This includes letters, individual policies and procedures, contracts and staff handbooks. We also can review your current policies and update them where needed.

Please call us for prices.